Our Story

My Perfect Trainer creates an inclusive digital environment that welcomes and supports trainers, and provide an easy to use platform for their self-promotion. We are not just providing a listing service. We have built a searchable data base allowing clients to discover  your comprehensive profiles and through multiple channels. Clients will have access to all trainers and blog post items and can book and purchase training sessions or classes directly in-app and then rate and share their experiences.


Makes it easy to run your business.

We know you love personal training! So much so that finding new clients isn’t always a priority. We get it.¬† Why spend all that time and money building a website, or endlessly working your social media feeds, when you can target where clients are already looking? If you only have a few open hours, by letting clients know just when and where you are available, it makes it so much easier for both of you.

We want clients to really understand who you are and what you do. Our detailed profiles and news-feed puts your right under their noses, and you don’t have to have to make any sales pitch, they book you directly.


We know trainers had to give up a lot in order to get clients in the past.
In the old days employed trainers had to take what they were given just to work in a space.

  • Now days, there are independent training spaces popping up all over town and you just pay your rent at the end of the month. It’s like running your own business.
  • Want to start and outdoor class? Great! Clients can sign-up on the app and pay you before they show up, plus you get a list of who’s coming.
  • Like to travel? Now you can target those people that live in condos and not have to pay any rent!
  • Clients that book through the app pay nothing for the service, and trainers get 95% of the fee directly into your Stripe account as soon as they book.

Be as successful and busy as you want to be with no limits!

Now you can run your business on your terms, no sales guys, no gym manager, it’s all you!

My Perfect Trainer is an app platform built by trainers for trainers and those interested in fitness. We forgot we had a choice when it comes to the gym. We don’t have to have memberships; we don’t need to get locked into contracts. We just want make some friends, workout, feel great and enjoy life. If you are with us, spread the word.¬† The world of fitness is changing so enjoy the ride!



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Toronto, ON
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