What are clients looking at before they book you?

Every single time you get a new client you should be asking how they found you.

That is part of your marketing; if they are a great client, maybe there is way to do more of whatever it was that brought them in!  If you keep getting clients that have personalities or needs don’t match your skill or style of training, maybe you are fishing in the wrong pond.

In my experience I find that clients are generally either really impulsive and do very little research before getting a trainer, or they spend quite a lot of time doing research and talking to friends and looking for ‘THE ONE’.

Here’s  couple of tips to help you stand out.

Social Media- Trainers love their social media and it’s a great source of client leads. Use it to your advantage. If you are using your Instagram page for business, keep it for business, same with Facebook and Twitter. They are all tools, so use them as such. Post some great insights on fitness, and some great workout advice,. Let clients see you in action on the gym floor. If you have the skills, maybe throw in some nutrition tips.  Let clients see everything you do and offer.

Give clients something to find with your name on it. 

Be aware of the sum of the total not just the odd great post. If you have a inspiring gym post one day but the next post is you’re throwing-up all those tequila shots in Cancun spring-break-style, you are not really walking your talk. You can have a personal page and and professional page if you want to keep all your party pictures.

If you need to up your Social game, there are tons of resources out there. If you opt to get some help,   just be aware if someone you are paying promises to get your numbers up, really understand who they are targeting and how it benefits you. If your numbers jump but they are all in Iceland, that’s not going to help your day to day business unless you plan to travel.

The great and powerful Google: Have you ever Googled your name? If you haven’t, first of all- What?…. Second of all- Do it now!  Then come back and read the rest of this.

What did you find?

When trying to stand-out, spandex and Army boots in the desert wasn’t my first choice.

Give clients something to find with your name on it.  Hopefully when the look they will find more good posts than those spring break pics!  If you have ever written an article or had a blog post or been written up in the paper or won a bodybuilding show, it’s all there. That’s me to the magazine trying to stand out before social media existed.

You can start a fitness blog, and try to get it noticed or published other places. Now days there is really no need to build a web site, unless you have a well established brand or more to offer. Otherwise save your money.

Oh,  Just a FYI- if you have any priors, or court notifications that are a matter of public record that just may show up as well. But if you have tons of other good stuff out there someone would really have to look to find it.


Recommendations or testimonials :  We all love to base our decisions on others’ advice.  If we trust and respect someone, we trust and respect their recommendations.

Why not ask your existing clients for testimonials?

Other ways clients can get the same sort of stamp of approval is reviews about you on web pages, or other client comments listed on another page. Getting media coverage or getting on some top 10 trainer list will do huge things to your credibility and because so many people see it; it ranks higher.

You:  You are your own best or (worst billboard). Clients are watching your every move, hopefully not in a stalker way, but if you work in a gym that has members in it, chances are potential clients are watching how you conduct your business.

If you are texting while your client is doing planks or not really engaged, chances are they won’t be calling!  Eating a burrito on the gym floor or going out for a smoke-break in gym gear is another fail. Same thing for your own workouts: show them how it’s done. But if you are one of those assholes that leave big sweat marks on the bench without cleaning it up, or let huge weights crash to the floor just to get noticed, unless they are into that sort of thing, you are not the guy or girl they are going to be asking for!  Be the role model, the ideal of fitness they want you to be, but accessible at the same time.

The human mind is an amazing thing.

Don’t forget to floss!

Playing the silent but smart and humble guy is sweet, but it’s not going to help fill in those few slots in your schedule.

We don’t pay attention to anything unless it’s exemplary or dangerous. As a humans we tend to notice flaws before we notice what is right. It’s a survival thing; if it appears ‘normal’ it doesn’t pose a threat, so our mind registers it as safe. Things won’t capture our focus unless something novel  or  exciting enough to actually focus on it.  However if it looks different or wrong we will pick up on it right away. For example if someone has spinach in their teeth, it’s really difficult to notice how pretty their eyes are.

If you consider yourself a professional, stand out in a good way, be a voice. Do your best to set an example and make it easy for clients to find you.  There has never been a time in history where you can be so easily visible and most of it’s all free!

Groom those social media profiles, write that blog, brush your teeth, and stand up tall.

Our reputation does precede us.  How you run your business is how your business will run. The best thing you can do is handle yourself professionally, and feel free to show off a little.